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Electric and electronic devices – Information for private households

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) in Germany contains several requirements concerning the
handling of electric and electronic devices as waste. In the following paragraphs, we list the most important
requirements for you.

1. Separated recycling of „old devices“
Electric and electronic devices that have become waste are called old devices. Owners of such old devices have
to bring these to recycling facilities, where these are handled and recorded separately from urban solid waste. Old
devices must not end up in the household refuse. In fact they have to be collected in special collecting and
recycling systems.

2. Batteries and accumulators
If possible, electric and electronic equipment has to be disposed separately from built-in batteries and / or

3. Possibility for disposal of „old devices“
Owners of old devices from private households can dispose these at the public waste disposal authorities or bring
them to producer or seller related disposal locations. You can find these disposal locations online:

4. Privacy information
Old devices often contain private data, especially appliances from data processing and communication
equipment, as smartphones or hard discs. In your own interest, please arrange to eliminate all personal and
private data from your disposed equipment.


5. Meaning of the symbol „crossed out waste container“
The labelled symbol showing the „crossed out waste container“ on electric and electronic equipment indicates that the concerning equipment has to be disposed separately from urban solid waste.

6. Producer ́s WEEE registration number
As a producer in terms of the German ElektroG we are registered with the German registration authority Stiftung
Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (Benno-Strauß-Str. 1, 90763 Fürth), having been granted the following WEEE
registration number: